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The Heptagon Pond

Length Width Depth Minimum space required
Approximate dimensions 7 ft (2.1 m) 7 ft (2.1 m) 2 ft (45 cm)

7 ft by 14 ft ( approx. 2 m by 4 m) with The Large Slide

7 ft by 7 ft without a slide

Walls are 20 cm thick.

No. of users
We recommend it for 6 to 7 children if used without a slide, and 4 to 6 children if used with a slide. This depends on their size and what they are doing while in it.
Age suitability

Suitable for all ages but recommended for 18 month old's and over due to its depth and the number of balls in it.

If hired with The Large Slide, the maximum weight of slide users is 34 kg (under 5's) and must not be exceeded to avoid damage.

Additional information: The Large Slide is notincluded in the hire price of this ball pond. Balls are included in the hire price.

If hired with The Large Slide, this ball pond comes with 2 m by 2 m mats for the bottom of the slide. This ball pond has a fitted mat at the bottom of it.

All balls from the ball pond must be collected and bagged in the bags we provide by our arrival to collect.

Images above can be enlarged by clicking on them but may show some of our other play equipment that is not included in the hire price of this ball pond. Colours, and artwork if featured, may differ.

No shoes, no food and no drinks are allowed on any of our play equipment at any time.

Responsible adult supervision is required at all times on all of our play equipment.

Why you should hire this ball pond

If a ball pond was to be kidnapped and kept for an unreasonable ransom, it would be this one, the Heptagon ball pond from Dancing Cubs. It is our most hired ball pond EVER, often paired with The Large Slide and a massive favourite at children's parties and other events across London every week!

For simple engaging play equipment to entertain boisterous toddler's at any party why not compliment this multi coloured ball pond with our similarly coloured The 11 ft by 14 ft Pop Up Castle?

Our Heptagon ball pond is medium sized and sturdy, available to entertain children at parties in all areas of North, South, East and West London from the mobile play experts that are Dancing Cubs.

When you hire play equipment from Dancing Cubs, you'll know the children are in for a treat with clean, fantastic and engaging play items from a professional, reliable and punctual play hire company.

Why all our bookings are taken online

We take all the bookings for the hire of our ball ponds and other play equipment online to ensure a comprehensive understanding of your event. We ask the right questions to plan and prepare and save hassle and stress on your event date.

How to place a booking for the hire of this ball pond

To place a booking online for the hire of this ball pond, just scroll down and click on 'Book Online' It will take you straight to our booking form. A common misconception from people who visit our website is that we take payment straight away online. This isn't the case at all. We want to be sure we can definitely cover your hire before requesting any sort of payment. This involves:

  • Checking that there is space on one of our fleet of vans for your hired play equipment.
  • Checking that we'll be able to accommodate your party start and finish times and where applicable, access times at your hall.
  • Check that access and parking at your venue will not be a challenge for us while delivering and collecting the play equipment.

How to make a payment

Only after being 100 % certain of all of the above do we send an invoice for payment. We also let you know if we are unable to cover your hire and suggest alternative solutions.

We will send you an invoice with payment details within 12 hours if the ball pond is available to hire. So you see, taking our bookings online is thorough, reliable and efficient.

We are happy to speak with clients and potential clients on the phone. You can call us on 07936 961 025 or use our Contact us page. We'll be happy to help. You'll find a more detailed description and relevant information for the hire of this multi coloured ball pond further below.

Price: £75

Suitable for: Adults & Children

Available Overnight for an extra £30

Responsible adult supervision is required at all times on all of our play equipment. Dancing Cubs Ltd will not accept responsibility for any incidents and/or injuries that occur on any of our play equipment. Most incidents that cause injury can be prevented if you supervise the children in your care. Please also read our Safe Play Guidelines and the Risk Assessment provided for this play item.

Some of our emails might go to your Junk mail box - always check your spam / junk folder for emails from us.

Why you should hire this ball pond

Similar in shape and quality to The Jungle Pond, this ball pond is a bit of an odd ball. It's so simple yet so... attractive with its bold colours and clear cut design. Without airs and graces, it manages to capture and hold attention. In the Dancing Cubs world customary of intricate artwork and complex colour combinations, its simple nature and straight forward style is noticeably different yet just as powerful as our other play equipment to invite children to actively play.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, it is a rainbow of colours - red, yellow, orange, pink, green and blue filled with a rainbow of colours of strong yet soft balls. It is one of our foam ball ponds which you can read more about on our main Ball Ponds page.

Well filled with approximately 1,400 balls, the number of balls and depth of this ball pond allows children and the odd adult or 2 to properly submerge themselves within the ball pond for a better play experience. It's a great choice for entertaining boys and girls because of its mix of unisex colours.

Taking care of our equipment

In line with our company goals which can be found on our About Us page, we take the cleanliness of the balls in our ball ponds seriously. They are deep cleaned regularly, replaced often and sprayed on delivery with Dettol anti bacterial spray to keep them clean, shining and hygienic.

Maintaining this high standard for the balls in our ball ponds is one of the reasons why we insist on no shoes, no food and no drinks in any of our ball ponds at any time. We also send a Safety Fact Sheet for you to follow about the maintenance of the balls a few days before your party.

Safety and Protection

You'll find plenty of pictures and play combinations of this much sought after ball pond on our Recent Play Set Ups page which offers different and brilliant entertainment options for children and toddlers at parties. Our Terms and Conditions of Hire and Safe Play Guidelines also contain helpful and useful information. Read them! We've provided them to ensure a straight forward hire and a safe time for all the children.

Delivery Area's

As are all our Ball Ponds, our Heptagon pond is available to hire in most London post codes.

Do you live in North London's Islington? We cover that area. This page shows Halls in North London, Halls In North West London.

South London's Sydenham? We come to you. This link provides Halls In South East London, Halls In South West London.

East London's Wanstead? We've delivered there plenty of times. You'll find possible here Halls In South East London

West London's Chiswick? We know it well! Visit our Halls in West London for venues we've delivered to before.

There is a travel fee to other area's of London from our South London warehouse, check out our informative Travel Fee's page. Our Access Requirements page will also provide vital information for venues/homes we may be delivering to and collecting from.

Setting Up and Packing Up

Efficient and on the ball, our staff can have this ball pond set up and cleaned within 30 minutes and will need 30 minutes to take it apart and pack it away. Do remember that balls from the ball pond must be collected and bagged by our arrival to collect please.

Our confirmation email contains a generic Risk Assessment for this ball pond and Method Statement for your information. We hope you find them and all other information provided useful.