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The Box Pond

The Box pond is an excellent choice of ball pond for use at 1st birthday parties, or events where a ball pond is needed for babies.

It's sturdy, thick walls make it perfect for babies to grasp and pull themselves up on either side, and parents can sit on the walls and help their babies play in the regularly cleaned balls.

It is a small ball pond with bright colours, and it will fit perfectly in to venues that do not have a larger space available e.g intimate family gatherings at home, pubs or grandma's garden!

Length Width Depth Minimum space required
Approximate dimensions

5 ft

(1.4 m)

5 ft

(1.4 m)

40 cm

Walls are 20 cm thick

5 ft by 5 ft

No. of users

Up to 5 children.

Age suitability
Best suited to babies under 18 months.

All balls from the ball pond must be collected and bagged in the bag we provide by our arrival to collect.

Additional information

1. Approx. 700 multi coloured balls are included in the hire price of this ball pond and it has a fitted mat inside at the bottom of it.

2. For safety reasons, it can not be hired with a slide.

3. This ball pond can be hired for indoor and outdoor use.

4. It is a great combination with The Violet Package for entertaining at 1 year old birthday parties.

Colours featured may differ.

Images may show some of our other play equipment that is not included in the hire price of this ball pond.

No shoes, no food and no drinks are allowed on our play equipment at any time.

Price: £50