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The 12 ft by 16 ft Farm Yard Castle

Length Width Height Minimum space required
Approximate dimensions 12 ft (4m) 16 ft (5m) 9 ft (3m)

L 15 ft by W 20 ft H 10 ft
L 5 m by W 6 m H 3 m

The minimum space required is to;
1. Ensure easy access to the back of the castle via the sides.
2. Allow extra space at the back for the blower tube (see pictures to side).
3. Allow extra space at the front for the safety mat(s).​
4. Allow for extra space around the perimeter in case a child tumbles out of the castle

No. of children
Up to 5 children at a time, dependent on their size and less than 9 ft tall.
Age suitability
Children aged 11 years and under and less than 9 ft tall.

Additional Information: This bouncy castle will require a source of electricity close by so that wires are not trip hazards. It is also helpful for you to know that the electrical device that keeps it inflated makes a constant humming noise (like a loud hair dryer) whilst on. This is relevant if to be used indoors.

It does not have a sewn in light rain/sun cover.

Images may show some of our other play equipment that is not included in the hire price of this bouncy castle. Colours, and artwork if featured, may differ.

No shoes, food or drinks allowed on any of our play equipment at any time. Responsible adult supervision is required at all times on all of our play equipment.

How to place a booking for the hire of this bouncy castle

To hire this farm themed bouncy castle in the London area, just use the buttons further below - you can even check its availability online with our booking system which collects all the information we require.

Please note that we also take enquiries by phone and bookings by email everyday as such, filling in the form and it showing availability online is not an up to date indication of availability.

How it works

We will send you an invoice with payment details within 12 hours if it is available to book. If unavailable, we will inform you and/or recommend alternatives.

If you have any questions about this, our other bouncy castles, or any of our other play equipment, please send us an email, Scroll down for a more detailed description of this bouncy castle.​

Price: £75

Suitable for: Children Only

Available Overnight for an extra £30

Responsible adult supervision is required at all times on all of our play equipment. Dancing Cubs Ltd will not accept responsibility for any incidents and/or injuries that occur on any of our play equipment. Most incidents that cause injury can be prevented if you supervise the children in your care. Please also read our Safe Play Guidelines and the Risk Assessment provided for this play item.

Some of our emails might go to your Junk mail box - always check your spam / junk folder for emails from us.

Why you should hire this bouncy castle

Great for garden and indoor parties, the low height farm yard bouncy castle from Dancing Cubs is a unique and slightly larger than average sized inflatable with pop ups for added fun. Its low height makes it perfect for indoor use and is suitable for bigger children than our Little castles would take.

The scare crow and tractor pop ups on this castle make it unusual and a must have for any farm themed party. And it works just as well for a non farm themed party.

It features a lamb being rocked by Farmer Scott in his overalls (shocking, no obligatory farmer's wife in sight!), cats and kittens, the must have farm dog (this one isn't shaggy though, sorry!), a horse, cow, noisy cockerel and a hen with her chicks. It wouldn't be a farm yard castle without the hen and chicks! So, just your average farm yard scene on a bouncy castle.

With a webbed bed, reinforced seams and a bouncing area complimented with farm themed pop ups for added activity, this sturdy bouncy castle has been the major attraction at a lot of children's birthday parties in the London area. It'll come with everything required for all users to have a swell time.

Availability is limited as bookings are often taken weeks in advance, so we advise you call early. We do charge for travel to most parts of London but it'll be worth it to see the children diving and leaping in this beauty of a bouncy castle. Click Travel Charges to work out travel costs .

Safety and Protection

We strive to maintain the highest standards in everything we do. This bouncy castle, like all of our play equipment, is safety checked on delivery and collection and the Method Statement, Hire agreement and Risk Assessment provided in the confirmation email will provide you with all required information about the safe operation of this inflatable unit. You can also read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Our staff will briefly summarise all safety points on how to safely manage the bouncy castle when dropping it off. Please follow the information in the documents listed above and their instructions, its for the safety and well being of all users of our play equipment.

Setting Up and Packing Up

It will take about 30 to 45 minutes to set up and the same to pack up this inflatable.

Taking care of our equipment

We take pride in the maintenance and appearance of all our play equipment so they are in clean tip top condition. To maintain this, please remember, no shoes, food or drinks are allowed on any of our play equipment at any time: we get very cross if you do and don't refund deposits!