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The 8 ft by 11 ft Little Carnival Castle

Length Width Height Minimum space required*
Approximate dimensions

11 ft (3.5 m)

8 ft (2.5 m)

7 ft (2 m)

L 14 ft by W 12 ft H 7 ft

L 4 m by W 4 m H 2 m

No. of children
Up to 5 children at a time, dependent on their size. Maximum height of users - up to 1 m tall.
Age suitability
2 to 5 years of age.

Additional Information: This bouncy castle will require a source of electricity close by so that wires are not trip hazards. It is also helpful for you to know that the electrical device that keeps it inflated makes a constant humming noise (like a loud hair dryer) whilst on. This is relevant if to be used indoors.

*The minimum space required is to;
1. Ensure easy access to the back of the castle via the sides.
2. Allow extra space at the back for the blower tube (see pictures above by clicking on them to enlarge).
3. Allow extra space at the front for the safety mat(s).​

It does not have a sewn in light rain/sun cover.

Images may show some of our other play equipment that is not included in the hire price of this bouncy castle. Colours, and artwork, if featured, may differ.

No shoes, no food and no drinks are allowed on any of our bouncy castles and other play equipment at any time. Responsible adult supervision is required at all times on all of our play equipment.

Filled with bounce and play, our well maintained and branded fleet of vans sets out from our warehouse in South London every day to deliver fun and entertainment for children at parties and events across London.

Every week without fail, one of those play items is the cute house of bounce that is our Little Carnival castle. Availability for the hire of this explosion of colours is limited for obvious reasons; there's enough dazzle, fizz and bounce in this little unit to entertain little children for hours! The quicker you place a booking for it online, the higher your chances of having this Northern Lights of bounce in your gardens and halls.

A popular entertainment option for toddlers and young children's birthday parties, it is small enough to fit inside most London gardens and low height enough to fit inside most Venue's in London and once or twice in a living room!

Its colouring makes it attractive to boys and girls and it is suitable for hire indoors and outdoors and it couldn't be easier to place a booking for its hire. Just;

  • Scroll down.
  • Click 'Book Online'. You can also just 'Check Availability' if you only want to check availability for a provisional date.
  • Fill in the easy Booking Form.
  • That's it!

To maintain our excellent reputation of being reliable and punctual we are very organised in the processing of all hire bookings we receive. We go through each booking form we receive to;

  • Check that there is space on one of our vans.
  • Be sure that one of the vans from our fleet can deliver and collect at the time you've requested on the booking form.
  • Be sure that access and parking at the venue won't be a challenge for us.

All of the above means we are thorough and know everything we need to know before your event date to ensure an efficient, straight forward delivery and collection process.

Once we receive your booking form for this bouncy castle and any of our other fun play equipment that you add to compliment it, we'll send over an invoice for payment. Why not read our Payment Terms before you make a payment? Once we receive a payment, we'll send over confirmation by email.

It really couldn't be simpler to hire from us at Dancing Cubs but we understand if you find it daunting. Why not call us on 07936 961 025 or Contact us if you would like us to help you through the booking process or read How to book our play equipment.

Price: £70

Suitable for: Children Only

Available Overnight for an extra £30

A complex and dazzling explosion of colours shouldn't fit on to something so small but it does and here it is! The Little Carnival Bouncy Castle from Dancing Cubs.

It's attention grabbing, sun shade needing artwork features multi coloured long balloons and short balloons, big 2D stars and small 2D stars, big shooting 3D stars and small shooting 3D stars, musical notes, silly string and, and, and phew! Words can't express them all!

Compared to other bouncy castles from our fleet, this low height, pint sized bouncy castle is the perfect size for younger children. They won't be intimidated by its size as they might be by The 16 ft by 15 ft Big Party Time castle which is 5 x its size. Isn't it the most ideal, perfect choice of bouncy castle for any little child's first bouncy castle experience?

We spread the joy of our play equipment across the Capital. You have probably seen our bright and cheerful fun filled vans in South London's Dulwich, West London's Neasden, East London's Bethnal Green and North London's Islington. There is a cost for the spread of this joy to most postcodes in London, check out our Travel Fee's.

This little bouncy castle will be great with any of our other play equipment, why not combine it with one of our Ball Ponds with The Large Slide? Check out how some of our previous clients have hired it on Recent Play Set Ups.

As one of London's leading and largest mobile provider's of children's play equipment, we couldn't be more safety orientated if we tried.

We provide Method Statements, Risk Assessments and Bouncy Castle Hire FAQ's in the confirmation email we send to all hires for our bouncy castles, as well as briefly summarising all safety points on how to safely manage the bouncy castle when dropping it off.

Please, follow the information in the documents listed above and the instructions of our staff, its for the safety and well being of all bouncers of our bouncy castles.

We also ask that;

  • Children are not permitted to climb the walls of this or any of our other bouncy castles.
  • Responsible adult supervision is present at all times.
  • You read our Safe Play Guidelines

Our hard working and efficient staff will have this gleaming fireball of bounce inflated, anchored and cleaned in about 30 minutes and will need 30 minutes to check it for damage and signs of food and drinks, deflate it and neatly roll it up when they arrive to collect.

We are passionate about maintaining the gleam of this bouncy castle. When you hire it, it will dazzle the children. We want it to dazzle other children at every party we take it to so remember no shoes, no food and no drinks are allowed on this or any of our bouncy castles at any time to maintain its pristine condition.