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The 11 ft by 14 ft Pop Up Castle

Length Width Height Minimum space required*
Approximate dimensions 11 ft (3 m) 14 ft (4 m) 8 ft (2.5 m)

L 14 ft by W 18 ft H 8 ft
L 4 m by W 5 m H 2.5 m

No. of children

Up to 6 children < 1 m

Up to 5 children < 1.2 m

Age suitability
Maximum height of users: 1.2 m / Children under age 7.

Additional information: This bouncy castle will require a source of electricity close by so that wires are not trip hazards. It is also helpful for you to know that the electrical device that keeps it inflated makes a constant humming noise (like a loud hair dryer) whilst on. This is relevant if to be used indoors.

It does not have a sewn in light rain/sun cover.

The minimum space required is to;
1. Ensure easy access to the back of the castle via the sides.
2. Allow extra space at the back for the blower tube (see pictures above).
3. Allow extra space at the front for the safety mat(s)

Images may show some of our other play equipment that is not included in the hire price of this bouncy castle. Colours, and artwork, if featured, may differ.

No shoes, no food and no drinks are allowed on any of our bouncy castles at any time. Responsible adult supervision is required at all times on all of our play equipment. Available from a trusted and respected bouncy castle and play hire company in London, with a wealth of industry knowledge and years of expertise is this obstacle ridden, activity filled, low height bounce box which is great for indoor and outdoor use.

Why you should hire this Bouncy Castle

A wise choice for entertaining boys and girls because of its dazzling combination of unisex primary colours, it is a much sought after bouncy castle from our fleet because of its more than bounce entertainment option.

Children won't only bounce but also, almost effortlessly, dance their way through the obstacles of this bounce house with a split and a slither, a twist and a turn, a bow and a pirouette, just like Beyonce would if she was navigating her way through this simple but colourful bouncy castle! Its perfect for more agile children who want to do more.

About Dancing Cubs

If you hire this bouncy castle from us at Dancing Cubs, you'll find our play hire company to be professional and organised, with a beady eye focused on details - its one of the secret's of our enviable position as market leader in providing play equipment to parties and events in London. Check out the genuine Testimonials left by our regular and previous clients.

How to place a booking for the hire of this Bouncy Castle

You'll be able to hire this bouncy castle by placing a booking online and filling in our thorough booking form (scroll down and click 'Book Online') which collects relevant information for delivering and collecting efficiently from your venue.

Our vans deliver to hundreds of parties every weekend and one of our company goals is 100 % punctuality to each and every hire, a goal we achieve by being thorough during the booking process.

How it works

Once we receive your booking form, we'll process it by checking delivery and collection times and access and parking at the venue (Access Requirements) and allocate a space on one of our vans.

Once we're 100 % certain that we can provide this bouncy castle to your party to the highest standard then and only then do we send over an invoice for payment. Once payment has been received, we'll send over confirmation by email.

If we are unable to provide our play equipment to your party for any reason we'll let you know and suggest alternatives.

We're happy to talk with you about our bouncy castles and other play equipment as well as answer any questions you may have about our outstanding company. You can use our Contact page or call us on 07936 961 025. Happy booking!

Price: £80

Suitable for: Children Only

Available Overnight for an extra £30

Safety and Protection

Fuelled by our intent on a fun, safe time for all children whilst playing on our play equipment, at Dancing Cubs, we provide extensive and relevant information about the safe use and operation of all our bouncy castles.

Under each individual Ball Pond, Toy, Soft Play package and Mobile Play Frame package, you'll find detailed information about the minimum space required for a safe set up. Find out Why we need a minimum space.

We've also provided Safe Play Guidelines on our website.

The confirmation email we send contains and provides;

  • a generic Risk Assessment for using our bouncy castles indoors and outdoors,
  • a Method Statement for setting up our bouncy castles indoors and outdoors,
  • answers to some FAQ's on the hire of our bouncy castles.

We are covered by a Public Liability Insurance Policy for liability up to £5M and our staff, professional and competent, are covered by our Employers Liability Insurance Policy. We've got every safety angle covered. It's one of our Company goals, read them all on our About Us page.

Now that we've covered all the safety stuff about this bouncy castle, lets get down to the fun stuff!

Why you should hire this bouncy castle

As if bouncing on this bedazzling bouncy castle isn't enough of an energy outlet, children can scrabble through the inflated ring, wriggle under the inflated tunnel, dodge and bash their way through the biff bash's THEN bounce. If that doesn't wear them out then honestly, nothing will!

Deceptively simple colours come together on this unique design; usually you find parents and carers clustered round the front steps of bouncy castles to supervise their children but this gleaming bouncy castle has netted sides all the way round for 360 degree visibility.

The sun turns it in to a bouncy explosion of dazzling red, yellow, blue and green, the ultimate expression of the British summer outdoor time for children.

Delivery Area's

Our branded vans and road savvy drivers set out from our warehouse in South London everyday armed with constant and up to date travel alerts from TfL, and regularly updated, high specification, top of the range sat navs to battle the war field that is London's roads, especially during peak travel times.

You'll catch sight of us beeping, vrooming and zooming our way, safely navigating around cyclists, switching in and out of bus lanes and overtaking slow coaches in our bids to get the bouncy castle you've hired to you on time. We usually are.

We don't discriminate, we believe its a crime for a child's birthday party to not have play equipment from Dancing Cubs so we deliver our bouncy castles and other play equipment to North, South, West and East London. We do charge for travel, check out Travel Fee's to North, West, East and some parts of South London. The rest of England, the UK, the World and other planets of the Solar System will just have to do without the awesomeness that is our play!