Access Requirements

We try to ensure that we provide enough information on our website for you to make an informed decision during the play equipment hire process. This includes what we require when we arrive at a venue where your party is being hosted.

All our vans have a multi drop route. That means that they’ll be delivering and collecting play equipment to about 30 parties in a day. We always aim to be on time to each and every one of our play hires so we can’t afford any delays to ensure that we are ALWAYS on time to all play deliveries and collections on the vans.

For this reason, we struggle to efficiently and cost effectively deliver our play equipment to

  • Venues where we have to carry play equipment up stairs.
  • Venues where we have to use loading bays and lifts.
  • Venues with long walking distances.
  • Venues with no easily accessible parking.

It takes a lot longer which means we are unable to accurately schedule delivery and collections to all venues. Also, equipment is often a lot, heavy and bulky.

If the venue has stairs, a loading bay leading to lift, a lift, long walking distances (e.g. when delivering to a park) or no easily accessible parking we still may be able to deliver and collect from you but for a small additional fee to be determined when we receive your booking form which will ask the relevant questions. We may have to decline hires where we feel we will not be able to deliver, park, set up and collect our play equipment with ease.

The above is why it is important to try to source a venue that is easily accessible for all vendors and guests to your event.

Ideally, we’d be able to park our vehicle legally directly outside the venue door, with no long walking distances through multiple corridors. And no stairs, lifts or loading bays. We'd also prefer not to have to park the van, offload, go and re park the van elsewhere and then come back to set up.

We may ask a lot of questions about the venue. Please bear with us and provide as much information as you can. This may sometimes require you to ask the venue and get back to us but we feel its vital. It enables us to do our jobs well. We prefer to know as much as possible before the party date to plan, prepare and organise for a smooth, straight forward delivery.

It is your (the hirers) responsibility to find out the information about the venue and to ensure the venue you have hired is appropriate for purpose intended. Please don't send us links to their websites or contact numbers.

Parking: Our van(s) will require a parking space whilst we are delivering, setting up, packing up and collecting. If there is no parking directly outside (be it in front, at the back or to the side of the building) please inform us.

Bus Lanes, pavements, double red/yellow, single red/yellow do not constitute acceptable parking for us. Neither does having to walk long distances or parking across the road. If you have a Red Route in mind for loading and offloading, please check the times the bay is in operation before you inform us of its availability.

Through a house: We ask that you clear the path through the house to the set up area BEFORE we arrive to deliver and to collect. It saves time. We also do not want to bump in to table lamps, break vases or knock off precious momentos. Please clear all fragile furniture out of the way.

Pets and children: We may leave doors open as we go back and forth bringing and taking away play equipment. We are not responsible for the well being of your pets or children so we suggest you supervise children and lock pets away for the brief times we are at your venue setting.

If bouncy castles are to be wheeled through an outdoor entrance, please clear it of bikes, bricks and debris. Outdoor set up areas need to be clear of animal excrement before we arrive and lawns and garden need to be mowed before we arrive. WE DO NOT WAIT AROUND WHEN WEARRIVE.

Please do not misinform us of the accessibility of the area where we will be setting up as drivers will leave without setting up play equipment and we will not return any payment made if you do so, whether intentionally or not. We also reserve the right to not leave our play equipment at a venue where access is difficult for us by our standards and no refunds will be issued.

The area where you would like the play equipment to be set up needs to be clear and clean BEFORE we arrive to set up. We can not afford to spend time while venues are being set up and we will leave without setting up play equipment. If the area is not clean and clear, we are happy to leave play equipment for you to set up yourselves.

We ask that you know exactly where you want the play equipment to go before we arrive unless you want us to decide. Take in to considerations fire exits, other entertainment, entrance doors, toilets and a walk path for guests so that they do not step on our play equipment. Remember that once we set up, we do not move our play equipment.

The area should not have any slopes (particularly our ride on items) and should be clear of all debris, sharp objects, tall grass and animal excrement.The area should be well away from roads, car parks and moving traffic.

We advise against setting up directly at the top of stairs, not matter how many steps there are.

The above is not exhaustive. Please show any consideration you can as we go back and forth delivering and collecting our play equipment. Just holding a door open, moving an obstacle out of the way or giving us a helping hand as we carry to and fro makes our jobs easier. Thank you.