About Our Play Equipment


Our play area's consist of and combine our play equipment - our wildly popular Soft Play, generously filled Ball Ponds, clean Bouncy Castles and inflatable slides, sturdy ride on Toys, compact Little Play Park's and much sought after Mobile Play Frames.

Our play equipment range is great to entertain children of all ages at all types of events and parties and is also;

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Available to hire in all area's of London - North, South, East, West and Central (Travel fee's may apply).
  • Suitable for entertaining boys and girls.
  • Clean and well looked after.
  • Available to hire overnight (for an additional cost).
  • Well maintained with no faded/peeling artwork.
  • Safe, sturdy and well made with top quality raw materials for a better play experience, with vibrant and attractive colors, most also featuring eye catching graphics.
  • Supplied with a generic risk assessment and method statement in the confirmation email. Individual /specific Risk Assessments and Method Statements for each play package available on request.
  • Diverse, unique, colourful and fun and put together with engaging and interactive play in mind.
  • Supplied (on request) with individual generic risk assessments to identify most risks. Be aware that risk assessments have been provided based on an assumed space/venue and will need to be updated for every building / area where they're set up.
  • Method Statements for a full step by step breakdown of how we set up each play item. Our confirmation emails contain a general risk assessment for all play equipment.

Soft Play


At Dancing Cubs, we have a range of clean, colourful, quality and sturdy soft play packages put together with a great deal of research and thought for active engaging play. We bring these soft play packages to your homes and venues and they are well made and sturdy using the best quality raw materials for a safe and stimulating time.

All are FULL soft play with no gimmick plastic toys to bulk them up and each package has a description of how children could play on the soft play.

Children and adults of all ages can enjoy the range and contents of the soft play packages we have available for hire. Although recommended ages are provided for each of the soft play packages, age suitability is suggested more with engagement, active play and challenge in mind than age restrictions on play.

It's nice to see comfortable care free adults playing with their children on our soft play equipment so adults are welcome to play too. Because of the sturdiness of our soft play, they are suitable for all ages to use - children and adults. We only use heavy duty foam that can take the weight of adults and children in our soft play packages.

Our soft play package's don't just consist of a selection of little cubes, triangles and cuboids jumbled together on mats. We have put a lot of thought and research in to the content of our packages and provided more of a variety to challenge and encourage the children to explore. We have soft play rockers, soft play slides, rope climbs, agility kits, bridge sets, crawl through rings, sloping wedges, soft play tunnels and more. ​

All of our soft play packages feature cute engaging artwork and bright colours. We focus a lot on quality and sourcing soft play equipment that will stand the test of time; shapes that stand firm and won't easily shift under the weight of children, long lasting artwork that won't easily flake and peel as children play with it time and again, materials that fit taut and well over the base foam perfectly with no wrinkles and creases in the PVC. ​

Bouncy Castles


When you hire a bouncy castle from us at Dancing Cubs, you'll be hiring from a hire company that is;

  • Knowledgeable and well informed on trends and important updates in the bouncy castle hire industry.
  • A member of a number of prestigious and recognised industry bodies - BIHA, TIPE as well as other online forums.
  • Dedicated to the well being of all users of our bouncy castles and will provide plenty of safety information for their operation and usage.
  • Vigilant in monitoring weather conditions to ensure a safe time for all users if bouncy castles are to be set up outdoors.
  • Aware of appropriate anchorage to keep bouncy castles and inflatables secure. This is why we set up our bouncy castles outdoors on grass only so that we can securely peg them in or indoors where wind speed isn't a risk.

Our bouncy castles are;

  • Manufactured in the UK and inflated using regularly PAT tested electrical blowers with RCD Adaptors.
  • Built to comply with BSEN14960:2013 (EU Safety Standards for commercial inflatables) with the highest quality raw materials for a better, bouncier bounce.
  • Tested each year by a competent person to ensure they comply with BSEN14960:2013 (EU Safety Standards for commercial inflatables).

We want you to enjoy the bouncy castle we provide with an easy and straight forward booking process so we advise you to do the following before hiring any bouncy castle from us.

  • Measure the space you have available in feet or metres. Our website provides dimensions in both units of measurement. Bear in mind that the dimensions of the bouncy castle and the actual space required are different. Read this very useful article on Why we need a minimum space.
  • Check that there is an easily reached source of electricity where wires will not cross public paths or be trip hazards.
  • If to be used indoors, check the height of the ceiling and ensure there are no dangling obstacles - chandeliers, lights, power point projectors etc so that the bouncy castle will not rub against ceilings.​

Ball Ponds


Our ball ponds are manufactured in the UK, are compliant with relevant safety regulations. , from small, shallow ones great for a few babies in a living room, to medium sized, deeper, foam and inflatable ones for a bunch of 3 year old's in a hall, to giant inflatable ones filled with tens of thousands of balls for festivals and park events. Some feature stunning detailed artwork and all are made sturdy and firm with the best quality raw materials

You can be certain that;

Our ball ponds are well filled with dazzling multi coloured balls.
The balls from our ball pond are cleaned regularly with a high pressure wash and hose in our warehouse.
The balls in our ball ponds are replaced often to keep them shining and to avoid fading.
Our ball ponds are vibrant and well coloured, most featuring cute, child friendly artwork in different themes to fully immerse children in to the theme of the party.
Our ball ponds come in 2 different styles - inflatable or foam, to suit different hire needs. The table below describes the differences between our foam ball ponds and our inflatable ball ponds.

Our ball ponds come in 2 different styles - inflatable or foam, to suit different hire needs. The table below describes the differences between our foam ball ponds and our inflatable ball ponds.


We have put together an awesome and varied selection of toys for hire across North, South, East, West and Central London. All of our toys are sturdy and strong and will be found in any nursery, play centre or children's centre across the UK.

None of our ride on toys can be used in sloped areas.

All are

Children over age 2 will love our selection of toys. They'll love riding around, pushing each other and beeping their way across any space.

Little Play Parks

Looking to dazzle your guests or looking for a play area perfect for larger events and parties? Then our little play parks are the perfect party solution for you. They are compact all in one displays of fun, featuring a built in climb and slide, small bouncy castle and ball pond with floating balls.

Our inflatable play parks;

  • are the perfect entertainment option if you have a limited amount of space but still want a combination of play items.
  • ll feature at least a built in ball pond, inflatable slide and bouncy castle and are an excellent way to keep your play area's enclosed in one space,
  • and also allowing for easier supervision of the children for a safe, fun time.
  • are kept free of clutter inside so you won't find any soft play shapes and if they're set up indoors, they are fully padded inside. This is to allow free movement without trip hazards.

Mobile Play Pods

Soft play pods or soft play mini frames are a fantastic new and innovative breakthrough in play. They have all the benefits of a traditional soft play centre but they're mobile; we bring them to you. They are a great idea for parties and events where astounding your guests is necessary.

Soft play pods are perfect for under 5’s and can be used by slightly older children at the hirers discretion.

The pods all connect together to create a play frame in different sizes and dimensions. Each pod will fit through a double door frame and connect together with clips.

We have put together an awesome and varied selection for hire across North, South, East, West and Central London. Travel charges apply from our warehouse in South East London.

Our soft play pods can be hired to use anywhere; indoors, outdoors; living rooms, children's rooms, restaurants, hotels, halls, sports centre's and anywhere else you can think of but, and this is a BIG but, they are not easy to manoeuvre. Below is a break down of the sort of access we require.

We can not and will not deliver to venues with stairs. At all. No exceptions. These pods can not be carried due to their weight and bulkiness so we can not deliver to venues with stairs. If your venue has a lift please give us a call.

We can not and will not navigate the pods over long distance to set up areas. We must be able to park DIRECTLY OUTSIDE THE DOOR OF THE VENUE WHERE THEY ARE TO BE SET UP. This applies for delivery AND collection.

We recommend that you hire a venue with double doors for all entrances we have to carry the play pods through. Each pod is 1.81 m high and almost 1 m wide. Can it fit through your door(s)? Check BEFORE you book as we do not offer refunds.

Play pods need to be delivered in a Luton van - almost a small lorry (okay; not really a small lorry but close). If we are delivering to a residential area please ensure the road is wide enough for this. We must be able to park directly outside the venue.

If party is to be held outdoors, we would need to be able to drive up to the set up area.

There are no exceptions to the above.Click Accessibility Requirements to see our other accessibility requirements.