Idea's and Advice for Children's Party Preparations

This page on the Dancing Cubs website will provide you with what we hope is invaluable information and ideas for planning your child's birthday party. Although we are not party planners, we provide our play equipment to many parties each year so we have a lot of experience based on this. Think we'd make excellent party planners actually :)

What day should I host my child's party?

Although we provide soft play equipment in London to parties on some weekdays, majority of the parties and children's events we provide equipment to is held at the weekend - Saturdays and Sundays. These days tend to be busier so often, week day parties are a good idea. The day you decide on of course depends on your child's birthday.

Where should I host my child's party?

Some parties are held at home. If you are considering this, think carefully. Do you have enough space for children to run around comfortably without breaking anything, bumping in to anything, poking heads and fingers where you don't want them or damaging anything? Are you able to clean up afterwards, a full clean with no left over stains and pieces of lettuce behind the sofa? A lot of children's parties are held in hired venues for these reasons but hosting a party at home reduces the costs of the party.

You can also consider outdoor spaces in the warmer months - parks and gardens. Most parks are free to use as long as you inform the Council before hand and follow certain Health and Safety rules. A slight disadvantage is the children who are not part of your party wanting to play with any play equipment you have hired from us!

Communal gardens are excellent as they are bigger and more private spaces than parks but you may have to inform neighbours as it is a shared space.

How many children/guests should I invite?

The number of children you invite to your child's birthday party depends a lot on the age of the child. Under 1's don't tend to have much say in who comes to their party but older children do.

The number of children you invite also depends on the the space you have available. Its all well and good inviting all the children in your child's class but is there enough space for 30 odd children and their accompanying adults, close family and friends to comfortably enjoy the party? Think health and safety too. You are responsible for the venue you hire so anything the children break or damage will be paid for by you so enough responsible adult supervision is vital.

How far in advance do I need to start planning my child's party?

Below is a to do list which you may find helpful. Print if off, stick it on the fridge or notice board and cross off as you organise each one.