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The Sea Life Themed Ball Pond

Boys and girls will love to dive, glide, swim and frolic in our ocean pond of balls!

Some call it under the sea theme, others call it ocean theme, you may call it fishy theme. Whatever you call it, a vital piece would be missing from your party without this ball pond! It is hand painted beautifully with all things found on the ocean floor so hire this sea life themed ball pond for your party in North, West, East and South London.

Square shaped, medium sized and well filled with regularly cleaned balls, this ball pond feature's thick, firm walls making it sturdy and stable for boisterous play.

It is a popular hire item for 2 to 5 year old birthday parties in London and will fit well in to homes and venue's, so if you're having a party that may involve fish, oceans or mermaids, look no further for children's entertainment!

Length Width Depth Minimum space required
Approximate dimensions

1.6 m

(5 ft)

1.6 m

(5 ft)

45 cm

Walls are 20 cm thick.

5 ft by 5 ft without a slide.

5 ft by 13 ft (approx. 2 m by 4 m) with a slide.

Suggested number of users

4 to 6 children if used without a slide.

3 to 5 children if used with a slide.

Age Suitability
Suitable for all ages but recommended for 6 month old's and over due to its depth.
All balls from the ball pond must be collected and bagged in the bags we provide by our arrival to collect.

Additional information

1. We have a delightful sea life themed soft play area to match, The Green Package for fill immersion down where it's wetter.

2. The price quoted does not include a slide.

3. If hired with a slide, it will come with 2 m by 2 m mats for underneath the steps of the slide (in case a climbing child falls backwards).

4. The slide is suitable for children aged 2 to 5 years, and maximum weight of 34 kg.

5. This ball pond can be hired for indoor and outdoor use.

6. This ball pond has a fitted mat inside of it at the bottom and multi coloured balls (approx. 1,000) are included in the hire price.

Images may show some of our other play equipment that is not included in the hire price of this ball pond.

Colours and artwork featured may differ but will always be sea life themed.

No shoes, no food and no drinks are allowed in this ball pond at any time.

Price: £60