Payment - How it works,Terms and FAQ's


Full payment plus a refundable £50 deposit must be received and cleared in full any day before the event date.

Clients can either make the payment in full at the time of booking or pay the £50 deposit.

At the time of booking does not mean payment is made through our website or pay online when you fill in the booking form. We will email over an invoice after we've received your booking form and scheduled your hired items on to one of our vans.


Clients who only want to pay the deposit at time of booking

At least a £50 deposit is required within 24 hours to confirm a hire for our play equipment, with the balance due any day before the event date.

We operate a 'no pay, no play' policy so hirers MUST pay the balance and it must clear before the event date. Please note, we may not always email reminders about paying the balance so remember to pay it if you choose to pay only the deposit at the time of booking.

If your booking is placed less than 48 hours before the event date, payment is required in full at the time of booking (an invoice will be emailed to you).


Clients who want to pay in full at time of booking

Payment in full can also be made at the time of booking (when we send you an invoice). Please pay the invoice within 24 hours if this is your choice of payment. This means there's one less thing to tick off the to do list before the party date, and no need to worry about remembering to pay the balance before the day.


Please notify us when a payment has been made to ensure we don't lose track of it. Once notified, we will send you confirmation of your hire by email. Deposits are refunded the next working day after your event.

Payment Methods

At present, we take payment by bank transfer and PayPal. Full payment details are provided on the invoice.

Paying by PayPal

When paying by PayPal, there is a transaction fee, usually £2 for every £50. If you choose to pay by PayPal, this fee is paid by you, the hirer. If the extra monies required isn't included at the time of payment, we will deduct it from the £50 deposit before we refund you the remainder the next working day after your event.

What happens if I don't pay the deposit within 24 hours?

We do not hold/reserve play equipment without payment however, we understand life can get hectic and you may forget to pay. Invoices may also end up in your Junk box or go missing in cyberspace.

We will TRY to send you a reminder email asking if you'd still like to go ahead with the hire if we haven't received a payment after 48 hours. If no response, we will then cancel your booking and send a cancellation email.

Please note that reminder emails about payment and cancellation are a courtesy and may not always be possible, particularly during peak seasons, so we advise you to make payment within the time frame on the invoice.

If you haven't made a payment within the time frame on the invoice (24 - 48 hours) please call us BEFORE you make a payment at a later date to ensure the play equipment you require is still available to be delivered and collected on one of our vans.

If paying within the time limit will be an issue, notify us. We may be able to reserve play equipment for longer in special circumstances if you inform us and we agree to before hand.

How do I get my deposit back?

Deposits are refunded by direct bank transfer or PayPal. This an HMRC requirement, we will not refund you in cash on the day. Refunded deposits usually clear instantly but do please allow up to 48 hours.

You'll receive an automated email requesting payment details for a refund the day after your event. If you don't receive an email do please notify us.

Please note, we are unable to view account details if payment was made by bank transfer so payment details need to be sent to us.

If payment was made by PayPal, we will still ask you to confirm the PayPal address which the deposit should be refunded to. Deposits refunded by PayPal may incur a transaction fee levied by PayPal, which will be paid by the hirer.

All information provided by our clients is protected by the Data Protection Act of 1998.

Why do you charge a £50 deposit?

We charge a £50 deposit to ensure that ALL Terms and Conditions of Hire are adhered to, and our play equipment is well looked after while in your care.

Simplified, it is to ensure that everything we deliver to you is collected in the condition it is delivered in; clean and undamaged with no signs of shoes, food and/or drinks and balls from the ball pond are collected and bagged by our arrival to collect. The deposit payment is not optional.

We strongly advise you to read all the relevant information we have provided on our website before you make any payment. All have been provided so you are aware of your responsibilities while our play equipment is in your care and the Access Requirements at your venue are as described on the booking form.

These include Method Statements and Risk Assessments sent in the confirmation email, Terms and Conditions of Hire as well as individual product information.

What happens if I pay and the weather is bad on my event day?

If the weather is bad or forecast to be bad on your event date you can cancel up to 24 hours before for a full refund. We will offer a full refund of all payments made, provided you inform us up to 24 hours before your event date. Poor weather is the only instance in which we offer a full refund of all monies made.

Refunds are paid the next working day, by bank transfer or PayPal. Please allow 48 hours for refunds to clear.

After cancellation, if the weather changes for the better on your event day and you'd like to go ahead again just call us as soon as you decide. If the play item you requested is still available and we have a van available, we'll deliver and collect as planned if possible or discuss alternatives.​

How do I know you will turn up on the day after taking full payment plus a deposit?

We are a reputable and reliable company. One of our goals is 100 % Reliability and 100 % Punctuality to every hire we take on. Read more About Us.

We do everything within our power to ensure that we deliver the play equipment you have hired in good clean condition, and that we deliver and collect on time.

Only rarely and due to circumstances way beyond our control do we miss or are we late to hires we have taken on.

We understand how distressing it can be if the play equipment you hire can not be delivered or is delayed and we apologise profusely in advance if this is ever the case. All possible avenues to deliver and collect will be explored before we make the decision to not travel to you.

We have access to back up drivers, vans and plenty of play equipment however, if we need to cancel your booking due to reasons beyond our control we reserve the right to do so. This will almost always be in the case of us physically being unable to get to you - illness, road incidents and road closures, severe traffic due to accidents, broken down vehicles, accident or emergency relating to persons delivering and setting up the equipment and horrendous weather. This is not exhaustive.


We do not offer refunds on any payments made if you decide to cancel (other than due to poor weather with notice given within 24 hours). This excludes the refundable £50 deposit which is refunded subject to Terms and Conditions of Hire.

If your event needs to be postponed to another date for any reason, we'll transfer your hired play equipment to a date of your choice provided the play equipment you initially hired is available, and we have vans available to deliver and collect at the times you now require the play equipment. This will only apply if we have been informed in advance (no less than 24 hours) of your intention to postpone dates - not if our van(s) has already set out or travelled to you.

If the play equipment initially hired is unavailable, we'll suggest alternatives of similar content/value. If play equipment/vans are unavailable for your new date no refunds will be issued but hire can be transferred to another date within the same calender year. Date transfers can not be made more than twice.


We apologise in advance if we are late to your party or event. We do everything in our power to ensure we are on time but this is not always possible. It is not often we are late if that reassures you in any way.

Please don't use lateness (often beyond our control) as an excuse to be rude and aggressive to our staff. We do not tolerate rudeness towards them in any way and they will leave without setting up if you, your guests or any member of your party are.

If we are up to an hour late to your party from its start time (not the scheduled delivery time), we offer refunds of no more than £30.

If we are more than an hour late to your party from its start time (not the scheduled delivery time), we will offer you a refund of up to a maximum of half the hire amount you have paid. If you agree for us to still come once we have informed you of our unintended lateness you accept that no more than half of the payment made will be refunded to you. This excludes the £50 deposit.

Sometimes, we are late to collect. If the van(s) are running behind schedule on collections we will try our best to inform you so that you can inform the venue.

If the venue has a trusted care taker on site with their permission and awareness you may leave our play equipment in their care and leave. You can only do this if you are certain that all our play equipment is clean and undamaged, with no residue dirt, food or drinks from your party on it. All play items we delivered must be in the same area to avoid us looking for them and balls from the ball pond must be collected and bagged. Please do not leave our play equipment in unattended venues.

If the venue has to be locked and we haven't arrived please inform us. Our play equipment MUST NOT be locked up in venue's without informing us before hand and gaining our permission as play equipment may be needed for other clients. We may ask you to bring everything outside or arrange an alternative collection with the venue.