How to book our play equipment

Duration of Hire

  • Available for use between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. (dependent on our delivery schedules). Earlier deliveries, later collections and overnight hire can be arranged for a small additional cost.

What happens after you click 'Book Online'

You'll be able to fill in our booking form which collects all the information we'll need - this includes your proposed delivery and collection times.

You will receive an automated email to let you know we've received your booking form.

We will check the times you have provided and access information for the venue. If these are fine, we will send you an invoice straight away. If we have any questions about the information provided on your form, we will send you an email.

Once a payment has been received, we will send over confirmation by email and that's it, we see you on the day.

Other links to the left hand side provide detailed helpful information, e.g Access Requirements, Terms and Conditions of Hire and Travel Fee's.

Why we take all our bookings online

We take all bookings for the hire of our play equipment online to remain organised and efficient. Our booking form is linked to an online diary which ensures that our play equipment is never double booked.

Our booking form also allows us to collect information relevant for a straightforward delivery and collection, most importantly, timings. It also helps us find out about access and parking at your venue. Find out more about Access Requirements.

Having all this information means we plan efficient routes covering all the parties our vans will be delivering to and collecting from each day.

How it works when you book

When you fill in the booking form, you'll receive an automated acknowledgement email letting you know we've received the form.

We'll send an invoice within 24 hours if we have no queries - this means your venue times (if specified), parking and access at the venue are all fine. If we have any queries about the information you've provided, we'll send you an email. Please check your Junk box, emails sometimes end up in there.

Hiring play from us at Dancing Cubs is easy, a process that hundred's of our clients go through, sometimes multiple times a year. If you would like us to talk you through it or have a question, please call us on 07936 961 025 or Contact us.

About Dancing Cubs

Looking to hire play equipment in London that is well made and well looked after, from a professional, organised and experienced company? Look no further than Dancing Cubs.

With an enviable range of play equipment, a fleet of well maintained vans and trained, helpful staff, your celebration/event is in great hands if you hire play equipment from us. Read About Us, our Testimonials and check our Recent Play Set Ups / Gallery.

How to place a booking for the hire of this package

The Violet package can be hired by placing a booking online. This you can do by scrolling down a bit below and clicking 'Book Online'. You'll fill in our booking form which collects all the information we need but no payment is taken at this stage.

You can also just check availability for your proposed party date by clicking 'Check Availability' below or read How to book our play equipment.

How long you have the play equipment for

This soft play package is available for your party/event for its duration however, for maximum fuel and time efficiency, we operate a route of best fit for all the parties we'll be delivering to and collecting from for the day.

As a guide, our first deliveries are usually at about 10 a.m. and last collection's about 7 p.m, and delivery and collection will be anytime in between or at those hours. For an added cost, we can deliver earlier and collect later or the next morning.

For homes/venue's with flexible access, we'll always inform you of the time we'll be coming to deliver/collect a couple of days before your event by email. If your party is being held in a venue, provide access times on the booking form and we'll let you know if we have vans available for the times requested.

We do our best to deliver and set up before your party starts and collect only when it finishes between the hours of 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. If we can't accommodate your times as specified on the booking form, we'll let you know and suggest alternatives.

How to make a payment

We'll send you an invoice within 24 hours of receiving your booking form if we're able to provide play equipment to your party/event. The invoice has payment details. If you don't receive an invoice in that time window do please give us a call or drop us an email. Check out our Payment Terms.

Why we take all our bookings online

Placing a booking online with our online booking form ensures that we ask all the questions we need answered in order to be super organised and to pay attention to every detail for a straight forward delivery and collection to each and every one of our hire's.

How it work's when you book

  • Fill in the booking form with the relevant information asked.
  • We receive your booking form and you'll get an acknowledgement email.
  • We'll check the times and space on the van can accommodate your hired play equipment.
  • Only then will we send you an invoice for payment.
  • Once we receive payment, we'll send over confirmation by email.
  • We'll see you on the party date!

Although we take all our bookings online, we are happy to help If you have any questions about this, our other soft play packages, or any of our other play equipment, please send us an email, or call us on 07936 961 025.

Taking Care of Our Play Equipment

To maintain the upkeep of our play equipment we do insist on no shoes, no food and no drinks on any of our soft play equipment at any time: we get very cross if you do and don't refund deposits.

Safety and Protection

Our informative website provides our Term and Conditions of Hire and Safe Play Guidelines to ensure you're well informed for a safe time for everyone. We also have a £5M Public Liability Insurance policy in place for our protection.

We provide a generic Risk Assessment and Method Statements for indoor and outdoors hire's in our confirmation email. If you need any other information for the safe operation of our play areas, don't hesitate to call us on 07936 961 025.

Adult supervision is required at all times for all of our play equipment please. Why not also check out the links below from our website for handy tips on safe setting up at hired halls/venues.

Venue Safety Information - Indoors

Venue Safety Information - Outdoors

All of our play equipment is suitable for indoor and outdoor use however, to protect young children and in fact, all users of our play equipment, from exposure to weather elements we do suggest some sort of cover, like a Marquee's And Tents, if play equipment is to be used outdoors.

Setting Up and Packing Up

Based on the access at the venue,it may take about 20 to 25 minutes to set up and the same to pack up this soft play set up.

Delivery Area's

Due to our vast network of well maintained vans, we are able to provide our play equipment to every area of London from our warehouse in South London.

From Finchley and Wood Green in North London, White Chapel and Forest Gate in East London, Tooting and Belgravia in South West London and Soho and Notting Hill in West London, our delivery vans are a common sight on London streets on any day of the week.

We do charge for travel to most parts of London but it'll be worth it to see the children playing happily on this soft play set up that will fit nicely in most homes and smaller spaces. You can check out our Travel Fee's.

How Children Play

Young children can climb up the steps and slide down the soft play slide, rock on the 3 firm and stable soft play rockers of different themes, and then stack the plain multi coloured soft play cubes and knock them down again and again.