Our Terms and Conditions of Hire

Our Terms and Conditions for Soft and Mobile Play Hire are available below. A vast majority of our hires are efficient and straight forward because our clients read and accept the terms and conditions of hire below, as well as following our Accessibility Requirements.

Our delivery drivers have a delivery schedule which they adhere to strictly. This plays a major part in the terms and conditions below; every minute counts so we can not afford to spend time unnecessarily.


Thank you for choosing to hire play equipment from Dancing Cubs. Please read the information below to be 100% certain of the Terms and Conditions of Hire. They are in place to ensure an efficient and straight forward hiring process for your event. If you have any queries or concerns please give us a call on 07936 961 025.


We welcome requests for specific play items with certain artwork, and we do our best to accommodate them but we can not guarantee that these will be the items at your event. This is because any thing can happen to our play equipment while on hire before your event date and if it is not in a good condition we may be unable to hire it to you.

This logic also applies to all play equipment hired from us. If you have hired a specific play item or package and it is not in a suitable and safe condition to hire it we may substitute it for other play items of similar style and type subject to availability. If your play item is themed, we will do our best to match the theme placed at the time of the booking but we can not guarantee it. We try our best to keep you informed of any changes that may affect your booking before the event date.


We request that the Hirer is present at the venue when our drivers arrive to deliver. This is to ensure that the play equipment is set up/positioned where you want it to be in your venue. It is also to ensure 100% satisfaction with the play equipment we provide, as well as to be able to check the condition of the play equipment when it is delivered to avoid disputes on condition on collection.

If drivers arrive and the hirer is not present, drivers will set up the play equipment where they think is best, provided the venue is secure and a venue caretaker or someone from the party is present. If you (the hirer) will not be present please appoint ONE PERSON to show our staff where you would like the play equipment to be set up but be aware; once play equipment has been set up IT WILL NOT BE MOVED BY ANY OF OUR STAFF.

Please have your mobile phone on (it has to be the number you provided to us), be able to hear it, and with you at all times. We may try to ring you if we cannot find the venue or we are running late. We will also try to ring you if we arrive at the venue and you are not there yet or we can not gain access or park in our reserved space. You may also want to provide an alternate number of a close relative or friend who will be with you on the day.

Please arrange LEGAL parking space for our delivery van before we arrive if parking is limited. If parking proves impossible/inadequate they MAY leave and carry on with their delivery schedule.

Bus Lanes, Double Yellow, Double Red, Single Yellow and Single Red lines are not acceptable forms of parking as our van(s) may obtain parking tickets. Neither is parking across the road from the venue (we will not risk life and limb to carry equipment across busy roads). Equipment is often bulky and heavy. As such, it cannot be carried over long distances so parking must be as close to the venue as possible.


We do not USUALLY deliver our play equipment to venues with stairs. This is because play equipment is often a lot, bulky and heavy. Venues with stairs and lifts also take a lot longer to set up in. If we agree to make an exception and deliver to you, it will be based on the number of stairs there are, the length of corridors, how wide the staircase is and the availability of a WORKING lift. All of these questions will be asked on our booking form.

Please do not misinform us of the accessibility of the area where we will be setting up as drivers will leave without setting up play equipment and we will not refund any payments made if you do so, whether intentionally or not.

If you tell us the venue has stairs and/or a lift and we agree to take your hire there is an additional charge which will be determined on receipt of your booking form.

We reserve the right to refuse a delivery of our play equipment if you have misinformed us of the accessibility of the venue. This is a Health and Safety Precaution and your payment will not be returned.


As well as the other terms and conditions of hire on this page, please be aware that we are not responsible for your pets or children while we are delivering and collecting play equipment. Lock your pets away if you feel they may run away if doors are left open while we go back and forth from our delivery vehicle and supervise your children to ensure they are not underfoot while we set up and collect.

Our drivers wear safety shoes to ensure their well being. Shoes will not be removed when they deliver /collect from your home. If you are not okay with this please lay sheets/cardboard on their delivery path to the set up area.

Please note that you must have enough space for the equipment you have hired and you know exactly where you want it set up BEFORE we arrive to deliver. If we arrive and space is inadequate and/or insufficient for the items you have hired we may not set up all the the play equipment you have hired for the safety of all users and no payments will be refunded if we have to do so.

Please take in to consideration Fire Exits when deciding where play equipment will go. Once set up, equipment will not be moved by drivers and we advise you not to move set ups once we leave because we perform a risk assessment before set up.

Set up areas must be cleaned and tidy before drivers arrive to deliver. We will not wait around for venues to be cleared and/or cleaned. If the venue is not ready, we will leave the play equipment for you to set up yourself.

Our delivery drivers have a delivery schedule which they adhere to strictly. Unfortunately, on occasion, there may be unforeseen circumstances beyond our control such as heavy traffic due to road closures, diversions, temporary traffic work, serious accidents, special events and poor weather. We do our best to call or send you a text if we are running late for any reason. You can aid us by informing us of any temporary road works or congestion in or around the venue area that may cause delays. We appreciate your understanding and patience if we are running late for reasons beyond our control.

It is the hirers responsibility to ensure the venue or area where our equipment is to be set up complies with all Health and Safety Regulations. We advise that the intended play area is spacious and enclosed. The space should not have any slopes, particularly for our Ride on items.


Please do not allow shoes, food or drinks on our equipment at any time. Responsible adult supervision is a must at all times to

1) Ensure the safety and well being of the children playing.
2) Prevent accidents from happening.
3) Prevent theft/damage to our play equipment.

Dancing Cubs Ltd will not accept responsibility for any accidents or injury which occur when using our play equipment.

Please ensure that the person supervising the equipment is responsible, capable and aware of our Safe Play Guidelines which are available to read here Safe Play Guidelines.

No shoes are to be worn on any of our soft play equipment / ball ponds / bouncy castles at any time. Food and drinks are not to be consumed on or near our play equipment at any time. Equipment collected in a dirty condition will be charged an added £30 for cleaning.

Nappies are not to be changed on any of our play equipment / play mats at any time.

No henna, party poppers, coloured streamers or silly string is to be used on or near our equipment. They leave stains that do not come off and we will fine you £300 to cover the devalue of our play items(s) due to irreparable damage.


We hope all users of our equipment have an amazing time and enjoy themselves. On arrival to collect, please ensure that parking arrangements are still in place if parking is limited. Time wasting due to a lack of parking space may result in loss of deposit.

If you have hired one of our ball ponds, balls must be collected and bagged before our arrival to collect play equipment.

If balls are not collected and bagged, £10 of your deposit will not be returned. If balls have to picked up from around the venue by our staff an additional £20 will be charged as well as losing the £10 deposit. WE MAY INSIST THAT HIRERS PACK UP THE BALLS IF WE DO NOT HAVE THE TIME TO PICK UP BALLS STREWN AROUND A VENUE OR PACK UP BALLS FROM A BALL POND.

Play equipment must be collected clean and undamaged for the full refund to be issued. If there is any damage, however slight, or any lost/stolen equipment the deposit will not be returned within the agreed time frame (1 working day).

Play equipment will be brought back to our warehouse and an assessment carried out to determine how much you’ll be charged for a repair or replacement. If equipment damaged or lost is over the cost of £50, you will be expected to pay the full amount for the equipment priced as brand new within 7 days of the date of hire.

Please ensure that play equipment hired is not scattered around the venue. Play equipment must be collected and placed back to the set up area so we do not spend time looking for items when we arrive to collect. This will also save you time if you have a set time to be out of a venue.

Please do not release our play equipment to anyone other than our delivery drivers.If the driver who delivers to you is not the driver who will collect from you they will inform you and give you a description of the person/people coming to collect to avoid confusion and theft of our equipment.

Our staff work extremely hard to ensure that the play equipment you hire from us is delivered on time and in a clean and presentable manner. We understand that organising parties and events can be stressful however, this is no excuse for poor manners. We will not tolerate rudeness or bad attitudes in any way shape or form from anyone towards our staff.

Thank you once again for booking equipment with us. We hope all users have a great time.