About Us

Thought of in 2014, painstakingly nurtured and built from the ground up ever since is the labour of love and passion for play that is Dancing Cubs.

Dancing Cubs provides mobile play area's for children to numerous parties and celebrations across London every day of the week. We also provide our play equipment on long term hires to hotels, play centres, nurseries and childminders.

With tireless work, countless hours, unrivaled dedication and hard learned lessons, we've grown exponentially to become one of London's largest, most knowledgeable and most experienced play providers.

At Dancing Cubs, we;

  • Are very safety conscious and go above and beyond all legal safety requirements for the well being of your children and their guests.
  • Only provide regularly tested bouncy castles and play equipment that is fit for purpose and commercial use.
  • Organised and structured, enabling us to process hundred's of hires for our play equipment every week with no errors.
  • Regularly update our website with relevant information and constantly work hard to make the user experience simple and straight forward.
  • Provide as much relevant information as we can for you to make an informed decision on our website and reinforce all safety information by email and when we deliver our play equipment.
  • Have a network of well maintained and branded vans that deliver and collect our play equipment
  • Have well trained and friendly staff and a full warehouse of fun in South London.
  • Are constantly thinking up new ideas, bringing them to life and updating our play equipment catalogue so if you're a regular client of ours, there's always something exciting and fresh!
  • Have a £5M Public Liability Insurance policy and all our staff our protected by our Employers Liability Insurance Policy.

We take bookings for the hire of our play equipment weeks, often months, in advance. Sometimes we even take bookings the day before if there is space on our fleet of vans as people find our website last minute and HAVE to have our play equipment present at their events. We accommodate requests to the best of our ability.

We aim to maximise efficiency in everything we do. Efficient use of fuel, driving time, space in the vans and getting from A to B for multiple parties takes a lot of planning and organization on our part and our experience in the hire of play equipment to different areas of London enables us to do this very well. We use state of the art route planning technology and a sophisticated online booking system to help us manage and maximise.

Communication is key for us. We ask a lot of questions and are very honest in our approach. If we can not provide our play equipment to the highest standard we let you know.

  • Safety conscious with a constantly trained team, covered by a £5M Public Liability Insurance Policy and Employers Liability Insurance Policy.
  • Owner of a fleet of well maintained vans with good knowledge of North, South, East and West London.
  • A follower of LIVE traffic updates and travel alerts from TfL (Transport for London) with knowledge of London's traffic hotspots, access to prior information on large events that will cause major travel disruption and scheduled road closures, as well as a collection of regularly updated satellite navigation systems (SatNav's) and traffic avoidance Apps.

Dancing Cubs Company Goals

  1. 100 % Reliability and 100 % Punctuality to every hire we take on.
  2. A regularly updated and relevantly informative website which is easy to navigate and understand.
  3. 0 incident or accident reports from the use of our play equipment*
  4. Safety at our core - if it isn't safe, we won't leave it.
  5. Clean, well maintained play equipment to every hire.
*We achieve this by sharing all relevant safety information, on our website and in any correspondence for YOU (the person who is responsible for the hire) to enforce.
We love parties. We love turning up to venues and turning a bare space in to a play wonderland. We love the look of delight on children's faces as they glimpse a play area we have set up. We love the mad dash as a usually child shy lets go of mummy or daddy's hand and runs towards a favourite ride on toy.
We love the 'oohs' and 'aahs' as a bouncy castle goes up in seconds and the 'awww its so cute' after. We love the mad dash to have everything ready before the first guest arrives, the quick improvisation for miscalculated space and the overwhelming relief that split second before the party starts and everything is just in place.
We love turning up to collect our play equipment at the end of the day and the venue is a mess. There is food on the floor, drinks spilt on tables (nothing messy on our play equipment though!), coercive adults pleading with flush faced, sweaty children in tears because they don't want to go home, dirty clothes, mismatched socks and missing shoes, and rustling through party bags. We love the transitions from stressed parents at the start to relieved gratitude at the end. The silence after as the music goes off or the bouncy castle goes down. These are scenes we see a lot.
Its all worth it at the end of a successful event. These are signs of a good party and we often play a big part in it. We hope to add your celebration to our collection of successful events.